Brief: The Swedish family-owned company, Salinity, has worked with salt in all of its various forms for over 185 years. Today they buy and sell salt for five different industries: Food, Roads, Farming, Industry and Water. Despite the fact that salt is used in various ways in many of our daily routines, most people do not know very much about salt. In fact, only 2% of the worlds salt production is used to season our food. Salinity would like to communicate to both public and private sectors more about all of the various ways salt is used in our daily lives and asked us to create a cross-platform, digital, content campaign to illustrate how they could do this in the best and most effective way to reach their vast target audience. The target audience includes consumers, farmers, transportation and road workers as well as industrial byers. 
Solution: My pitch and solution to their request can be viewed in the video. I created three different campaigns: a digital out of home campaign, an webserie called "På bar mark", a snapchat filter-campaign 
& content for social media
Client: Medieinstitutet & Brand Club
Idea & Solution: Jyotika Sofia 

Footage: Sara Hector, Mats Lind Photography, TV4 • Background footage: Gentleman Scholar • Music: Pyramids - Frank Ocean

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