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I. re-branding

Summerburst is Scandinavia’s largest EDM festival. With its tagline ”Summer Starts Here” the festival obviously is the best way to start the summer. The festival works with four different stages – representing four EDM genres such as techno, mainstream music, hardstyle and disco. Summerburst started in 2011 and celebrates its 10th anniversary. They want a strong anniversary focus where the brand is taken to a new level with both a retrospective look and a fresh refreshment. Summerburst needs a new and more updated style.

When you step into the festival area there is a feeling that the world outside does not longer exist. I wanted to take advantage of that feeling when planning the pitch for this year’s graphic profile. To develop a concept where the feeling of something new and refreshing exists and to get the feeling the lack of existence from the outside world.

a6 moodboard
a6 research

II. color, patterns & forms

I created a color palette for this year’s anniversary that I’ve named ”Rainbow Macaron”. I also created different forms for each stage that also have different colors to separate them both on site and within the marketing.

a6 color palette "Rainbow Macaron"

III. Instagram AR-filter

Summerburst audience is between 18–25, so I created a AR-filter for Instagram where they can see their Summerburst Radar in percent.

III. exhibition

Before the dates was released we started with a trip down memory lane and built a part of the website as a exhibition over the past 10 festivals. The festival visitors could send in their own memories and we built a gallery with their own content. Texts is written by Oskar Syk.

Anders Boström – festival general
Anna-Clara Olofsson – marketing manager
Nina Kahrobaee – communications
John Iserstål – partnership manager
Oskar Syk – consultant – content strategy & copy
Jean Moreno – consultant – content strategy
Frida Uddman – ticketing
Yamandú Nyberg – artwork visual inputs